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Quality Water for a thirsty World




Qwater LLC
1129 Hwy 146, #444
Kemah, Texas 77565
(281) 639-3544


What We Do...

Qwater has developed a "State of the Art" disinfection system utilizing high-powered ultrasound.  Many principal uses of ultrasound today are in the commercial, medical and defense industries.

Qwater has developed technology that uses ultrasonic sound waves to destroy unwanted organisms in fluid streams.

While our process is adaptable to many applications our focus is on ballast water and wastewater treatment. The advantages our system is:

Process large volumes economically

Low power consumption

Requires minimal maintenance and training

Small footprint

Destroys all types of organisms in water such as zooplankton, phytoplankton, algae
bacteria and viruses

Requires no chemicals

Click here for more information about Qwaters Ultrasonic Technology

Who We Are...

Qwater is a new Limited Liability Company, being formed in the State of Texas.  Its purpose is to develop an already proven technology, construct a pilot plant to deploy and test the technology for utilization in ballast water treatment for levels acceptable to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and International Maritime Organization (IMO). Then build a viable commercial system to immediately market to the maritime industry.

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The Principles

Ron Payton

Ron L. Payton has worked for the last several years assisting water-processing companies in the development of technologies to disinfect and desalinate water. In the early eighties he was President and CEO of Fleet Washing Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of systems to clean large vehicles. Clients included numerous subway systems, city, county and commercial bus and truck systems, and trucking companies. The largest client was Sealand Corporation. Installations were built and installed in ports (Houston, New Orleans, Jacksonville Florida, Newark, Gibraltar, and Seoul) around the world to clean containers both inside and outside. These systems all included water-recycling systems.

For the next several years, Ron worked through his consulting firm, Gryphon Lowell Financial Services, assisting owners in evaluating and selling their businesses. In 1999, Ron began working with South Eastern Resources, Inc. owner, J.B. Williams in evaluating water-processing companies.

During that time, Ron became acquainted with Martin Cooper who was a principal in Calmon Enterprises, Inc. and for the next three years worked with him in preparing and presenting information to potential customers and investors.

Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper has over fourteen years experience working with high powered ultrasound, of which many years were actively involved in successfully perfecting ultrasonic devices to reduce TDS and TSS in fresh water for purification as well as disinfection. H was successful in reducing salt in sea water by 85% without any filtration. He was also successful in providing a 5 log kill rate (99.99%) in pathogens in a water disinfection system.

Prior to this Martin successfully utilized ultrasound to remove 85% sulfur from raw crude oil prior to entering the refinery.

Martin has also worked many years as an executive lever banker in southern California and was an owner and general manager of a large fixed base corporate jet and helicopter operation in Orange County California.

Martin and Ron decided to join forces to develop products and processes that were unique for which there was significant demand.

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The Advisory Board

Qwater has assembled an impressive list of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and professional experiences to chair its board of advisors. Each form an integral body of knowledge which will help guide the company into the future.

Click here to see the members of the advisory board. 


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