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This market segment includes a wide array of unique applications and markets.

Food Processing

Almost all food-processing uses water to wash and process the food. Contamination as a result of fertilizer, insecticides and decomposition all create a need to disinfect the water prior to discharge into the water supply.


Most food processing uses and contaminates water in large quantities. It the past most of this water was disposed of with little more than filtration or settling. As litigation increases, the requirement for disinfection grows. Below are just a few of the most obvious requirements for which we have contacts.

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Hog Slaughtering

While all animal processing causing disinfection needs, special consideration and studies have involved several large universities in trying to find economical solutions to this problem.

Chicken Processing

Tyson, Pilgrims Pride and other large processors are coming under increasing opposition and legal problems as a result of disease and illness downstream from their processing facilities.


Special units for high turbidity and viscosity up to 66 Brix will be necessary.  Above 66 Brix, the osmotic pressure of the syrup prevents the growth of microorganisms. Air in the storage tanks must also be disinfected.

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Container and Vehicles

Containers and trucks used to transport food and chemicals all need to be washed prior to reuse. While some of this water can be reused, much of it needs to be disposed off. In many cases, the water will need to be disinfected prior to disposal.


Many industrial processes create emulsions of various chemicals. Some of them harbor particularly virulent pests. Decontamination will be required soon in those cases where it currently is not.


Brine water is created for a number of food processing situations. This brine is subject to the same contamination as ocean water. disinfection will be required prior to disposal in the next few years.

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Gases/Air/Clean Rooms

Many research and hospitals are already required to clean air prior to discharge. This system theoretically has application for the disinfection of these gases.

Hotel and Resort

Particularly outside the United States, this application is increasingly requiring disinfection for both potable water and for wastewater treatment. Destruction of the legionella (Legionnaires Disease) bacteria is critical for these applications.

Stockyard Waste

This market segment includes a wide array of unique applications and markets.

Hydroponics Horticulture

Removal of harmful viruses and algae from water is necessary for specialized plants in hydroponics.

Pharmaceutical Process Water

Most processes require dis-infected water with high kill rates.

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